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Jovan Rebolledo, Ph.D.

Jovan Rebolledo, Ph.D.

Researcher, Inventor, Innovator & Entrepreneur In Exponential Technologies.

I have been applying AI to a series of diverse problems, from neuroscience, to space, to genomics, to cancer, to education. I am have been published in international peer-reviewed journals, presented at conferences and written and get patents. Developed and applied machine learning techniques to research in multiple disciplines. Helped in design and development of the core technologies (in AI & robotics) for 50+ startups/ tech projects coming from Singularity University, located inside NASA Research Center, at Silicon Valley, in California, USA. Inspired and transformed mindsets of Japanese students to produce outstanding startup projects (@KeioUniversity). Led and created groups and communities since junior-high school, and from teenagers to graduate students, in different countries. Selected and interviewed by the Cabinet of Japanese Government for innovation in Japan. Taught since teenager from children to graduate students in different areas, from rural areas in Mexico to Stanford and NASA Ames Research Park. Worked with USA Astronaut and co-led workshops with IBM Watson creator.

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